Welcome to Valentine's Day, the DFC way!

Make it memorable and show your love with any of our beautiful arrangements this Valentine's Day!

Collection: Valentine's Day Menu

  • Can I order anything custom? 

    Yes, you can place a custom order until 2/3/2022. We will not be accepting anymore custom orders- our Valentines Day menu will be all that’s available. 

  • Why are the prices higher?

    Valentine's Day is a busy time for the floral industry! We share the additional costs we incur, with our customers.

  • Will you have anything available in store?

    Yes. The Valentine’s Day menu and other items will be available for in store purchase on Valentines Day. 

  • Why do my fillers look different than the ones on the picture?

    Due to hundreds of orders, we are not able to replicate each bouquet the same. Every arrangement will have beautiful fillers but may not be exactly as pictured due to inventory and stock.

  • Why does my bouquet look different than the ones pictured?

    Since we use only the freshest florals for our arrangements, we create our stunning bouquets using the best florals available at the time. This can result in different shades of pinks, creams, and reds to build a fresh, beautiful arrangement

  • What are my options for Toppers?

    Toppers may be pink, white, silver, gold or red. Toppers will be selected based on the florist's choice.

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